Orangebat oneshot: Scarred


Words: +3k

Rating: T

Pairing: Slaine/Inaho (orangebat), established relationship

Genre: romance, angst, fluff and a bit of humor

Spoilers: up to episode 08


Cruhteo’s whip left scars, and Slaine tries to hide them from Inaho, fearing he’ll no longer want him if he sees them. Inaho, naturally, doesnt rest until he does.

(Thanks and sorry for egging me on and betaing, sweetgums and roirence!)


Initially, the scars didn’t bother him.

Yes they were ugly but they were, in a way, proof of his loyalty to the princess so he wore them with pride.

Initially, he hadn’t cared about what anyone thought of him.

But then came Inaho.

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i need 2 see naruko with his roots growin g out

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